Break Time

by Orosil Santos

The sun peeks behind the high reaching leaves

The smell of nicotine and fryer grease lingers in the air

“How did I get here?”

I feel a relatively short moment of peace

No intrusive thoughts

Just peace

I’ve been going for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like

The calm of just being

Puddles glimmer in the peripheral vision

I am no longer the thinker, but the observer

No calamity

Smoke dances between my fingertips

“I wonder how she’s been”


“I wonder if she still thinks of me”

“I hope she’s well”

Leaves dance in the wind

The cigarette is almost out

I’m sure there will be better days

Maybe not now, but someday

The birds sing their songs of melancholy

How much longer will this last?

Stepping up from the chair,

I hear the door shut behind me

“I love you”