Featured Student Artist 2016


Originally from LA, McKenzie Hare has lived in South Carolina for five years. In her third year of pursing an Associates in Fine Arts as well as certificates in Fine Arts, Graphics, and Web Design, McKenzie is sampling just about every art class Greenville Tech has to offer. When looking for inspiration in her assignments, McKenzie tries “to look for something that’s not going to look like an assignment,” striving to elaborate on details, activating the space of the work, and pulling from her environment. These principles are reflected in Koi through the realism of the fish, implied motion via curvilinear bubbles, and the original source of the koi (her neighbor’s fish tank), culminating to create a vivacious image with no space left unfilled. Other works such as Decorative Spheres demonstrate the same eye for detail through the reflective lighting in the glass sphere, the attention to visual texture in the leaf-carved sphere, and perceived depth in the background object. McKenzie is an inspired and creative artist whom we are lucky to include in this issue of The Blue Granite Review.

Interview By Iain Holland

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One thought on “Featured Student Artist 2016

  1. Congratulations to all artists and writers in this issue – some really fine examples of work!

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