“We Deadbeats”

by Zachary Warble

we deadbeats

have stripped all our toenails down

to a normal size w/ our thumbnails

& chewed those off after


all while hammering out your

problems in our minds & wanting you

reading us thoreau from another room

w/ a soft audible voice

that sounds like

you’re trying to speak thru

lips against your favorite parts

& a bombing raid.


we deadbeats

have perfected the lie of

‘having heart’

in a time where that is the best

one can do &

still say honest things or

even get out of the shower

w/ the added weight of steam.


we deadbeats

honestly think

that having a good woman obsess

over our lousy modicum of talent

could drag us out

& make life more splendid than

anyone else could ever have it.


we deadbeats


work up letters

to frenzy in our heads all day


anguish abt rape in pakistan


think we have it good


think we have it bad


grit over the disappearance of milkmen

in america


have the mental training of a

thirdrate monk


like pea soup in morningtime


mastered sex inside our heads

five years ago


realize that a hundred bursts

of inspiration

can accomplish more than a lifetime

of hard work


piss ten times an hour for lack of

anything better to do than sit



or write.


we deadbeats

were built to drag our feet on your

perfect beaches

get down low headaches in your houses

& burn our brains out from ideas


just to build you up w/ that smokedout

wonder of the word.


we deadbeats

know how to turn it out &

pack it in &

sell you beautiful

from the bottom rung of the ladder.