“Star Sign: Cancer”

by Lauren Millington

We were comets caught in orbit.

From our clandestine cribs, crying in the craters

We completed a night’s canvas.

Eating caustic green stars in the sky,

they dropped and pitted into

cores on the circles of Saturn.

Caltrops of rot from the sun’s cycle,

and seeds for the new year’s calendar.

We circulated through the lunar rotations,

until complete opposites we became.

We reached critical density,

caterwauling with our crowns of sun.

Shooting out of sight from our dark skies.

Our crescent moon cheer, became crabbed

from the accursed chemo.

We calloused ourselves,

We canceled each other out.

Once codependent, the cosmos cried to us:

“Come back together.”

But you became a black hole to my sun.

Cellular cohesion was corrupted.

Your claws reach out from deep space.

While I keep company with the constellations.