“Picayune Pictures”

by Lauren Millington

A photo stitched  within an old wallet.

In cracks of web,  it shows my youngest face

You keen and cry to fellow men , “Collette!~”

“She looks like sweet flower in shattered vase. ”


I urged you,  “Burn that relic till it’s ash!”

It stayed however, in your doltish maw.

For every sun you spit at my new mask,

but I shall not succumb to tragic flaws.


You flaunt it round, your words like bitter brine.

Notching lines into a cruel but bare board?

No, you will regret this. Repaid in kind.

A hundred pictures of you I have stored.
So I primp and preen to fellow girls, “John~”

“His looks were once so fair! Now they are gone.”