“Escape” – Ginny Knight

My muscles ache.

Laps around tables,

Stools, a bar.

A screaming baby,

And a mother who


She could just run away.

No destination.

Lost in the freedom

Of great lungfuls of air.

Arms waving,

Legs pumping,

Feet slapping hard against the pavement.

Just to get away.


From the endless miles

Walked like an ox in a yoke,

Slowly watching the ground rise

On each side

As my rut grows deeper.

There was a dream once.

Now it is lost

Under the mountain of parking tickets, reciepts,

Unsent love letters, fast food wrappers,

Dirty diapers, and used condoms.

Kleenex, that wait to dry the tears

That never seem to come.

I wish that I could set this place on fire

And watch as the pressed pulp,

Bleached white for your convenience,

Turns black and crumples,

Then grays into ash and floats away.

And somehow, somewhere,

Beneath the molten pain,

There will be a glimmer

That will catch the eye.

A forgotten hope.

An old idea

Made new by the

All consuming purification

Of the heat.

The misery and drudgery


A highway and a pair of high tops.

A way out,

And the desire to leave.

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