Spring 2011

Winners of the Jim Gittings Poetry Competition:

First Place: “The Salesman’s Monkey”  (Mary McGowan)

Second Place: “A Celebration of Life” (Kelly Burchit)

Honorable Mention:

“Wine” (Aldo Dalaner)

“Bee” (April Hoffman)

“Box” (Jordan Durham)

“Home”(Krissy Black)


 Jim Gittings was a journalist, editor, and published poet who, for several years, served as a consultant in the Writing Center and who very much believed in the power of poetry.



Bless your pretty little face. (Amanda Ebersole)

Following the Fog (Mary McGowan)

Breathing for Two (Mary McGowan)


“Horse’s Snout” (Cherylyn Groh)

“Golden Gate Bridge” (Cherylyn Groh)

“Reflection” (Amber Stamey)

“Run” (Amber Stamey)

“Hands” (Amanda Hall)


“Zombie Slaughter!” (Bradley Black)

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