Spring 2009

Jim Gittings Poetry Contest Winners:

First place Winner: “Camping in the Concrete Jungle” (F.B. Wood)

Second Place Winner:  “Young” (Emilea Wright)

Honorable Mentions:

“Sadists from the Stars” (William Hixon)

“Octopus Gardens” (Gena Roberson)

“Fly Fishing with A.A. Milne” (J.T Wall)


Ghetto Queen (Nicolas Craig)

The Flood of ’05 (J.T. Wall)

 You are the Surface (J.T. Wall)

Death (Emilea Wright)

Dictionary Poet (Emilea Wright)

Late Dreams (Emilea Wright) 

Ramage for Snow (Emilea Wright)

Sickly Angels (Mariangela Jordan) 

Request (Mariangela Jordan)


Rings (Emilea Wright)

With the Knife in Her Hand (James Lucas)


The Great Black Farce: the un-American Writer (Tyreece Washington)


Colorpillar (Mariangela Mihai)

Away (Mariangela Mihai)

Memory (Mariangela Mihai)

Branding (Tracie Easler)

Out to Pasture (Tracie Easler)

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