Spring 2008

Jim Gittings Winners

First Place: “The Sun” by Danny Barbare

Second Place: “A Gentle Performance” by Angela R. Landreth

“Silent to the World” by Allen Sligh

“The Warrior” by Heather Nield

“Lost” by Andy Griner


“The Best Companion” by Korina Bridges

“the delayed effects of a bar trick i learned years ago” by Erin Mullikin

“Go See What’s Unseen” by J. Jade Bailey

“Just Another Day in the Desert” by Shawn Edwards

A Response to Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” by Corey Selman

“A Redundant Conversation” by Adam Torres

“Sonnet” by Nadia Mihtar

“Studying” by Danny P. Barbare

“Things Behind” by Tyler Brooks

“Written in Candi” by Adam Torres


“Finding Martin” by Sylvia Masclaux


“Virtual Nightmare” by Jaron Shupe


“House” by Jessie Clark

“Tree” by Jessie Clark


“Suffocation” by Brad Knight

“Vegetables” by Nicholas Pursche

Graphic Design

“Pirate Planks” by Jessie Clark

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