An Ode to FOMO

by Kayelina Publico

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out

My boyfriend informs me,

As I expose my take on

An anxiety attack in

My baby shoe car

Leaving a late night taco bar


He tells me I’ve got FOMO bad,

Cause I Focus On Micro-managing Myself

While I compare my best friend’s

Pale skin to my olive islander tan


He says, you can’t breathe while FOMO got your tongue

Facing Outdated Mythical Obloquies about myself

Like even if she hangs out with Emma

That somehow means Emma’s size 6 is gonna

Take her away from me because


My social shortness of breath is named FOMO, he says

I make Facts On Make-Believing Obesity is 160 pounds

With a 5 foot 2 inch stamina my truth

And FOMO is tattooed on my body


FOMO makes me tilt my mirror

Against my wall

FOMO makes me wish I was that

Girl I stalked in high school

FOMO makes me throw up in the bathroom

On another continent so I can look like the other girls with money


FOMO tells me I’m young

Yet I’ve already missed so many opportunities

I better get on it, if I want my parents to be proud of me


FOMO tells me nothing will work

But the gym so I write this poem

Instead, to get rid of the curse


Cause FOMO makes me

Fearful of failure


Observant to obscurities,

Master of mastering impurities,

and Open to new opinions about myself