Don’t (Lindsey Stevens)

Don’t fall in love
With the girl with stars in her eyes,
Because wait,
They’re nearly always tears.
Leftover hurt from
Feelings they let run rampant
And didn’t might
Leave them broken porcelain, crushed ash, and petals.
Trust me, I know.

Whatever you do,
Don’t let your fingers get tangled
In the mess of her life or
The threads of her hair.
Because when you go to pull away
You might take more color than you expected.

Don’t linger and try to fix her.
She might start to mend,
But that also means she might start to hope,
You’ll leave her shattered too.
Because what else did you think would happen to her
When she realizes,
When you realize,
You were really only in love with her heartbreak and hurt?

I’ve been there
And noone means what they say anymore
And noone wants to be the one to start back
Because they realize both truth and lies hurt.
So why change if the end result will be the same?

Darling, get a grip.
And understand that
You’re not meant to heal every heart that comes your way
Or lie with everyone that promises to heal you.
But I know, most likely than not, you will.
Or you’ll at least try,
And so, I can’t really blame you for that.
Because although the process and
Things you take into your own body to mend
Will leave you with ugly stitches and
The need to always have band aids on hand,
You’re some of the only good left in a lot of things.

I know you’re smile will shift at times
And your hands will become callused,
Even though you only use them with tenderness.
Just please don’t let your tongue create house fires
Or your feet dance through broken glass
Because I know you’re damaged,
And I know they left you, that they always do.
I also know that you have every right to destry any other
Good thing you want to.
But don’t.
Remember that the sun still shines, sometimes,
And if you feel lonely, talk to my closest friends, the stars.
They won’t lie to you unless you ask them and
They’ll tell you amazing stories.
If you need a kiss
Allow raindrops to run down your face
Instead of your tears.

And I know it’s hard, terribly awful, and completely unfair
That you have to be the light in this world,
But if you’re not,
You won’t only lose yourself,
But a ton of others who
Are just as afraid as you and
Very possibly, a lot more broken than you.

Don’t fall in love
With the girl with stars in her eyes.
I promise you,
They are always tears.
And you will become too obsessed with trying to fix her
That you’ll be blind to the fact that
She is supposed to give hope.
That She is supposed to give love.
And if you carelessly beat her brillant soul down,
How is her life supposed to survive?
How is she supposed to help, herself?

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