Build No More Walls (Justin Campbell)

black as latter day and dark as bone death
this monstrous fence stands high, high above human comprehension
silver inscription of names, such as billy, beth, and seth
the background imprisons the faces of those names, bleak adolescent silhouettes
they are opaque in fist and again in thought
echoing the sounds of the red rice fields – deep explosions, grotesque screams,
mothers, along with others, walk the long divider
their footsteps mimicking the automatics…rattatatat
her subtle sobs diffuse throughout the granite
the pitiful particles vibrate slowly, and even children, young ones, feel a sense of
loss and injustice
face buried in the rough cement, the widow outstretches her arms
warm skin is chilled by the hard surface, holding captive her johnny
reverently her forehead turns upward, facing a granite god
one last kiss before she goes, for he is gone
the wall is smooth like that of an innocent infant’s skin,
with the taste of oil and saliva
napalm and smoke fill her nostrils, bringing back imaginative memories
ones wished to be forgotten
thus, turn away
turn away america, turn away all
and build no more walls



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