Wine (Aldo Dalaner)


It has toasted kings, and diamond rings among other things

Caused the kiss and the embrace, and broke the romance

Served to honor and to heal, drank to ponder and to reveal

Shared to celebrate love, gulped to forget the hate

Sipped to contemplate that we find ourselves great

Or to weep our weakness cried with lonely tears

Some are new some are old with years

Some are loved by the noble ladies

Others belched by the brute

We drink it to remember

We drink it to forget

The bitter, we spit

The sweet, we hold

Savoring a little bit

Ruby red and clear

Amber Sparkling

Intricate Aromas

We hold it close

Deeply nosed

Eyes closed


The land

The soil

The sun

The rain

 The rocks

And the dew

Quite quaffable too

Ages of this daedal art and skillful work carefully bring

This moment in a glass, or a chalice fine, time and wine


Aldo Dálaner

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