Bee (April Hoffman)


oh bee with bent knee slumb’ring in the ground

despite the coldness of each winter day,

the earth’s embrace will keep you safe and sound,

to bear the sleep of queens ensconced in clay.

your droning labor as the autumn ends

develops delves of safety in the earth.

and as your terran prison slowly mends

you dream of distant destiny: rebirth.

as spring arrives and daffodils take root

amidst the penetrating rains that fall;

the warming eves unveil owls that hoot,

with morning scents dislodging winter’s pall.

awakening, to freedom you must claw

a way upward, escape your earthly grave.

Behold! Emerging now, amidst a flaw

within the ground, a stripèd noble brave.

You fly, a whisper, o’er the flow’rs that bloom

t’ward mottled puppy’s jaws heralding doom.

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