War’s Asylum

War’s Asylum

Death makes rounds; gathering those

Too tired for another day’s brawl,

Between first chime and first light.

And so it was.

Time slowed then, strangling breath

And heart fought together then ceased,

Winding down a hard-lived life.

The end at last.

Dreams drive men, evoking war:

The dread night phantasy stirs up

Again to speak with young friends

Long in their graves.

Meet them then, loitering since

Death to storm Valhalla with you.

Brothers in fear and in fight;

Such bonds don’t end.

Alone at last, remarking days

Of harsh words, resounding dark oaths,

Raging late night rows for shame

To rise once more.

Will peace come?  Tormenting nights:

Fear and grief united as one,

Pounding still with force too great

For truce just yet.

Two less one: detaching souls.

Bone and blood divided yet still

Shadow, mind yet bound but free

At last to breathe.

Mary McGowan

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