Far From Home

Far From Home

Here I am, in a new place

I may as well be in outer space

So far from home, nothing feels right

I feel like crying most every night

The sugar here is not sweet enough

What they call silk feels far too rough

The air is too dry and hurts my skin

Petite-sized clothes here are not for the thin

Although most people here don’t eat enough meat

They don’t seem to know how to not overeat

Finding health care is a terrible mess

And where they try to examine you’ll never guess

They say that here everyone is free to speak

But only one side is heard—and it’s never the weak

The land that welcomes all colors and races

Yet still makes them feel they’re not wanted in places

But despite all of this, I try to make do

For where my heart lives, so I must too

Some day perhaps I will feel comfortable here

Until then I’ll make plans to visit home this year

Geiza and Joel Shulkin

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