Some Thoughts on Math 101 (James Lucas)

What is the point of learning this?

Why not teach me something useful

like how to be a good father

or how to make a Denver omelet.

Some basic auto repair skills

would be most helpful

Or at least teach me how to find

a good mechanic. 

Teach me to keep the women in my life

from walking away.

Or how to get a great deal on airfare.

You know, I never did learn

how to play the piano

or to make a flaming rum punch.

And how does one get a spaghetti stain

out of a white tee-shirt?

I’d like to know what that girl

looks like naked,

the one over there who looks just as bored

as I am

and I want to know how it feels

to fly.

Teach me how to corrupt computer files

so that I never have to pay bills again.

Show me how to avoid an IRS audit.

Teach me

anything but this.

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