Young (Emilea Wood)



How I Go – Yellow Card


We greet the world with bright hope.

Sighs of satisfaction escape when

our blistered hands eat the first

hard-earned fruits.


The nakedness of life is lovely:

a single lamp and a can of soup

split four ways. Plasma screens

replaced by animated, laughing faces.


The simplicity of breathing, bleeding

is fresh. The world is wringing us

while we’re thick cloths. We will

thin to rags, but for the moment


we gather to join hands and

storm the world, eclipsing its

despair. We shut our eyes, hold

our breaths and pray it lasts.

One thought on “Young (Emilea Wood)

  1. I think your poetry is deep and awesome.
    It’s amazing how you can paint and create scenery, and ideas using words. It’s truly unleashed power that possesses the senses of your soul. You have serious talent. I only wish for you to continue your poetry.

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