Octopus Gardens (Gena Roberson)



One night a stained-glass hurricane fell apart over the Atlantic,

cascading from the clouds:  128 pieces.

These fragments studded the ocean floor for

two months, six days, eight hours, and four seconds,

occasionally moved by currents until they reached the mouth of a cave, out of which

peered a prepossessing 36-foot octopus.

Using all eight tentacles, she picked up the remains, and

swiftly planted them in the rich compost of her cave.


Gardening is inherent in the species.

Accompanying the glass are the octopus’ previously

recovered bijoux, which included

5 divers’ air tank, 302 sea shells, 83 pearls, and 17 fish knives. 

Determined to harmonize with her garden, she strained and heaved until her flesh

evolved into smooth-tinged glass, a pieced-together quilt of

nearly all the shiny things she had amassed throughout the years.

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