Ghetto Queen (Nicholas Craig)

Ghetto Queen

She wears her crown way above others

Tattoo on her titty like her mothers

Short skirt around the legs  du rang around the hair do

Gossip as the conversation and the will to know where when and who

Who it is that does such things

Each finger built to sport the rings

Homemade brass knuckles she calls them

She lets her daughter walk around so slim

From her face to her hip

She seduces you, you give her a little money, she’ll throw you a little dip

No queens could match her beauty though the daughters a Hood Rat

They cling to the queen B but the rat makes them known to scat


Voice heard over twenty in the crowd

Show off

Censors everything she haves with a cloth

Bracelets come in colors assorted from plastic

Dresses hoeish but still pursues as fantastic

Long stilettos

Got the fame the name and the medals

All in one what I mean



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