“Free Verse: A Hike” (Medena Patterson)

Ah!  The enticement, the gentle twist
The unrelenting call
Just beckons that each boot step fall

How the maze will play today
Ah!  The enjoyment of the subtle need to push
With the first step, the mystery starts
The sights, the smells
The light, the inducement

The sound is genesis
The feeling is exaltation
If only to capture a hinting

I could ever capture the essence of me
The wandering history
The pondering litany
My heart sings a song of scenery
To let it in and know this

To be apart and shown bliss
A fleeting glance
Another missed chance
Never enough

It can be so rough
Ah well it bends again
There a flash
With all the rest in my head it has mashed
If only it would freeze
A moment seized

My heart would finally believe
Relieved that heaven is close
The ever present reprieve is host
To so much history
And still I pursue the mystery
Oh this is torture to not know the end
I must press to know and defend
The mother of all that is profound

The foundation we all are bound
Press and step hmm yeah the benefit
Forever unsung the depth
For I am forced to pursue

The human view
If only I could subdue this call
To evolve and fall
Forever in the effervescing
Promise of solace
Yea waiting for notice
Could it be

I was only trespassing


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