“News Off the Beaten Path” (Elaine Connington)

The Onion
The Colbert Report
The Jon Stewart Daily Show
Late Night Conan O’Brien
random facts
and other tenuously related trivia
promoting obscenity.
You are buying into the agenda right now.

Strip club investigation
nudity and liquor violations at a bikini bar
Keep an eye on your kid.

Thong-wearing burglar
carrying a knife into a woman’s apartment
jumped on a chair and went straight in.

Idaho hibernaculum
hundreds of snakes huddle together
a utility building nightmare – a terrorist’s pit

Man driving while watching porn
in a Barbie-pink Nissan Figaro
– was a child exposed?

The Wall Street Journal reports,
“that’s what it takes to get rid of the problems
– a lot of attention
– a pull-chain to turn on the light”.
Records show – a family learns what is.


2 thoughts on ““News Off the Beaten Path” (Elaine Connington)

  1. Elaine, Congratulations! This reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel’s Silent Night. Very interesting, very sad, quite humourous. Well done. Sue

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